Meet the Family

Ask the Artisans: Jean Robert

Jean Robert Pluviose is our Production and Design Manager. He works with the artisans on quality control, skills training, creating new designs, and managing incoming orders. He is in charge of materials, inventories, and production; serves as a shareholder in Deux Mains Designs; and is currently training in operations.

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Ask the Artisans: Jolina

Jolina Auguste was the first employee hired by REBUILD globally and the inspiration for the social enterprise. She worked with our founder, Julie, to think beyond traditional charity methods and focus on employment efforts. It was tough to find a free second with Jolina, because she is so dedicated to her work, but when we finally got the chance to sit down and chat with her, she had a lot to say.

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Kettly Desir

Kettly recently joined our team as one of the newest sandal craftswomen. Like Annette, she was trained through a job creating grant in the past,...

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Annette Marcelin

Annette is one of our most recently hired artisans at REBUILD globally. Two years ago, she participated in a 3-month training with us in a...

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Brunel Zamor

Brunel Zamor is our Haiti Liaison Officer. His natural talent for diplomacy, coupled with his intimate and authentic understanding of Haitian culture, allows REBUILD to...

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Andremene Jean

Andremene Jean was hired in July 2012 and has become an efficient and skilled sandal maker. She loves making sandals for a living, because she...

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