Brunel Zamor

Brunel Zamor is our Haiti Liaison Officer. His natural talent for diplomacy, coupled with his intimate and authentic understanding of Haitian culture, allows REBUILD to operate with legitimacy and respect in the Haitian community.

Three years before the earthquake, Brunel was working with a University-organized internship and studying accounting. Unfortunately, the January 2010 earthquake destroyed his office building, and the company never recovered. Due to his phenomenal English language skills, Brunel connected with a group of disaster volunteers and was elected principal of their newly established English institution for adults, English in Mind (EIM). This is where he met REBUILD’s CEO and Founder, Julie Colombino.

Brunel began his career at REBUILD taking over the English class for the artisans that Julie had started at the request of the team. Yet his amicable nature and work ethic indicated strong potential for management. Due to his background and knowledge of accounting, Brunel was quickly promoted, and was tasked with serving as REBUILD’s accountant. After a few years in this role, the leadership at REBUILD recognized his developing talents in negotiation, language, liaison, and diplomacy. In September 2014, Brunel was promoted to Haiti Liaison Officer.

In December of 2013, Brunel married the love of his life, Rosalene, with whom he welcomed his first child, Anne Christine. When asked what employment with REBUILD globally has done to impact his life, Brunel’s answer is simple: “Without a steady job, I would not have been able to start a family. Because of my job, I have been able to accomplish my goals of being a good husband and father. I have always dreamed of having a family, and a steady income has allowed me to do so.”

Brunel is an invaluable member of the team who takes on every challenge with grace, determination, and patience. We rely on him for cultural guidance and expertise while depending on his humor and quick wit to lighten even the most challenging situations. Brunel currently serves as one of five shareholders in our sandal business in Haiti.

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