Jean Robert Pluviose

Jean Robert Pluviose, our Production and Design Manager, is a brilliant and integral member of the REBUILD team. His creativity and precision are showcased in our beautiful tire sandals, and his calm disposition and open heart are the qualities that create the productive and encouraging atmosphere in our workshop.

Before REBUILD, Jean Robert was studying computer science at a local university while working at his neighborhood computer store. On January 12, 2010, the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince. It collapsed the store, taking his livelihood, along with the lives of many of his friends and colleagues. He found short-term, inconsistent and low-paying jobs supporting various NGOs, but faced long periods of unemployment while trying to rebuild his life.

Jean Robert appeared at the workshop in 2011 to help cut tires, and within one week he was hired as a full-time artisan. Now Jean Robert is our Production and Design Manager, and works with the artisans on quality control, skills training, creating new designs, and managing incoming orders. He is currently training to take on several operational responsibilities, and is completely in charge of materials inventories and production.

Jean Robert says that working for REBUILD has changed his life. He has found a job where he can be creative, while being a part of the REBUILD family. Jean Robert's salary has allowed him to take on the construction of a new house where he lives with his young cousin whom he hopes to adopt, and where he will be living with his future wife after their 2015 marriage. He pays for his young cousin’s school, and has also paid his own way through university—in June 2014, Jean Robert was one of seven graduates earning a four-year Baccalaureate in Theology. Next, he will earn his PhD. He wants to help expand REBUILD to be a globally recognized company, which will help transform the lives of more people and contribute to his country.

Jean Robert encourages everyone to visit Haiti, saying, “we have beautiful beaches, beautiful historic sites…we have a beautiful life here.” When asked what REBUILD meant to him, he explained that after the earthquake, he first saw REBUILD as a safe place to earn a wage; however, he actually found a career that he is passionate about and that allows him to contribute to his country. His drive to learn and his peaceful nature create an atmosphere where everyone can work together and build each other up, all while creating unique, beautiful sandals. Finally, Jean Robert serves as one of five shareholders of our sandal business in Haiti, the most unique and innovative part of our social business model.

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