Betty Prosper

Betty Prosper is the youngest member of the REBUILD globally team. At just 22 years of age, she is our Head Seamstress with a wide range of talents and attention to detail.

As a graduate of the REBUILD globally Apprenticeship Program and recent high school grad, she spent the last few years dedicating herself to extra hours of schooling, tutoring, and additional courses. She is perhaps our quietest team member, but her quick sense of humor and occasional boisterous laughter brightens the workshop. Do not be fooled by her quiet disposition, Betty is fluent in English!

Betty was a teenager when the earthquake hit. She was forced to leave Port-au-Prince for six months because her family had nowhere to live. After returning to the city center, Betty worked teaching macramé and other artisanal handcrafting skills in a summer school program. In January 2012, she began volunteering with the artisan students at REBUILD and became part of the Apprenticeship Program. Very early on, her skills as a seamstress became apparent. Within one month of working at REBUILD, she became our Head Seamstress.

Betty is constantly looking for ways to expand her skills, including participating in several beading courses. She enjoys working with new materials and patterns, and is an integral part in refining new designs. One day Betty wants to become a Manager to keep REBUILD growing. “Every time a person buys the sandals, they help us reach our dream,” she said. Each pair of sandals sold has been sewn in part by Betty!

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