Kettly Desir

Kettly recently joined our team as one of the newest sandal craftswomen. Like Annette, she was trained through a job creating grant in the past, but could not be brought on full time after the trial period was over. She joins us now as a young entrepreneur. Kettly runs a small electronics boutique in Delmas 19, and while she has been successful, she claims that her profits have not generated enough income for her and her 4-year old daughter to remain comfortable.

When asked to come back to work as a sandal-maker at REBUILD, Kettly quickly found a replacement to manage her boutique so she could come work for us full time. “I need the extra money to take care of my daughter.” She said, “I have been waiting for you to call me back to work. I am so happy!”

Kettly is a quiet woman with a strong sense of determination. When she participated in the training program two years ago, she was the winner of a tire-cutting contest, a memory that inspired our managers to bring her back full-time. She is not afraid of hard work, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the Deux Mains family!

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