Annette Marcelin

Annette is one of our most recently hired artisans at REBUILD globally. Two years ago, she participated in a 3-month training with us in a capacity-building and job-creating program. After the three months of training, REBUILD did not have the capacity to bring her on as a full-time staff member. However, she was recently asked to come back on board as a full-time sandal craftswoman!

Annette is 47 years old and has two children in their twenties. Before coming back to work at REBUILD, Annette tried to open a food stand to sell rice, beans, oil, and other cooking staples, but the business failed because she had to do it on her own. “I am not married and have had no support,” she said. “I have been praying that I might come back to work REBUILD globally one day.” 

When asked what she values most in life, Annette replied that respect is her number one priority in everything she does. She is a self-described “easy going woman” with a great sense of humor. She believes that the reason she has fit in so quickly with the rest of our team is because she takes her work seriously, while still taking the time to laugh. We are so proud to have her as a member of our team!

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