Andremene Jean

Andremene Jean was hired in July 2012 and has become an efficient and skilled sandal maker. She loves making sandals for a living, because she loves seeing that at the end of the day she has created something beautiful.

Andremene used to earn a living doing laundry and owned a home on a small plot of land. After her home collapsed in the earthquake, she may have been able to rebuild, however, the company in the neighboring space expanded onto her property and she had no way of disputing because her paperwork was lost in the earthquake. Therefore, she lost her home and her land and had to rely on the help of a local pastor.

Andremene no longer needs her pastor’s support because of her position at REBUILD. Her salary has more than tripled from her days washing clothes. She supports her four children who are still in school, and even supports her mother who now lives with her as well. We are also celebrating that Andremene has now purchased a new home!

When asked about why she loves working at REBUILD, she says REBUILD has helped her fill “every single need.” When asked about her favorite part of working at REBUILD, her response was not about a tripled salary, but about creating a product that is beautiful. Andremene explains that while she is now able to fully support herself and her family, she is thankful for the opportunity to be creative and productive, and because she has found a community here.

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