Donald Saint Preux

Donald Saint Preux is Omel’s younger brother. Donald’s living situation became inconstant and unstable after the death of he and Omel’s parents. He took on several odd jobs, such as security, gardening, and construction, but none of those positions ever developed into a career.

Donald’s work conditions were less than fair, and he says at some of those positions he worked for food and a place to sleep but was never actually paid.

Donald was living in Cite Soleil when he met Julie through a mutual friend. Julie saw his potential and agreed to financially support his schooling. For a few years, Donald was employed part-time, went to school, and began making beads and bracelets that he brought to Julie each Saturday. This led to the inception of the Apprenticeship Program, where Donald was a student for two years.

When Donald’s housing situation became dangerous, he and his brother Omel began residing on the workshop property as overnight security. Because he now has safe housing and a stable salary, Donald has been able to start his own garden, raise goats, and take welding classes as an intern.

Donald’s warm-heartedness shows when he asks about the team members’ families and the US-based team almost every day. He is a smart and cheerful young man, full of energy and spirit, and he is always the first to volunteer to work with the tires (a process which involves lifting tires into and out of the truck, cleaning them, cutting out the sidewalls, and sanding). He is precise in his work, sanding every sandal to a clean finish.

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