Omel Saint Preux

Omel Saint Preux is one of the most inspiring members of the REBUILD globally family. Omel’s determination and dedication make him an integral part of our team, and he is also a very kind and sweet young man. Omel is willing to do any task, from searching for tires to sanding the finished product.

He resides on the REBUILD globally property provide an overnight security presence; however, his story and why he lives at REBUILD shows his strength and perseverance.

Omel’s birth certificate had been lost in the earthquake, and birth certificate renewals in Haiti require a substantial fee and several documents proving residency. Omel, not being able to fulfill those requirements, had been living in fear of arrest for being caught without a birth certificate until the spring of 2013, when he was able to buy his own certificate renewal with his wages. He says he now has enough money to support himself and his siblings, and that when he was offered the job, ”God opened a door.“

In addition to his work here at REBUILD, Omel is in our Apprenticeship Program. Omel has a long-term job that pays a living wage, resides in a safe environment, and is 26 years old – and yet, he is determined to earn his high school diploma. Omel successfully balances a full time job, school, weekly tutoring sessions, and four hours of extra courses on Saturdays.

Omel has overcome so many obstacles in his life, and is hugely important to the success of REBUILD, not just for his willingness to help in any task, but also for his calm, sweet nature that encourage a peaceful working environment for the others. When not working or studying, Omel can be found leading a local church group in nightly hymns or taking care of our workshop security dog.

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