Minouche Alcin

Minouche Alcin has been with REBUILD globally since its inception. Minouche, part of Workshop Supervisor Jolina’s community women’s group, met our founder Julie through the same orphanage encounter that introduced Jolina to REBUILD.

Minouche immediately showed talent at handcrafting, and has since become one of our most refined sandal makers. She is the first person to offer to stay late to finish an order, or come in on a day off to introduce the workshop to a customer, or spend extra time with the manager to learn a new pattern.

Minouche originally owned her own shop selling rice, beans and other cooking supplies, and was able to support herself and her daughter while renting an apartment. Her shop completely collapsed in the earthquake, and her apartment had become so damaged it was uninhabitable, so Minouche’s immediate concern was safe housing and sustainable financial support for herself and her daughter.

Because of her employment with REBUILD, Minouche now owns land and is building a house (next door to Jolina), and is sending her nine year old daughter, Washenska, to school. She has laid the foundation for her home, and as she saves money, she will be able to finish the building. In January of 2014, Minouche gave birth to her second daughter, whom she named July (pronounced as Julie).

Minouche says that when she comes to work, it doesn’t feel like a job – it feels like a family. She says everyone is ”smiling and laughing, no one has any problems with each other...at work, everyone gets along.“ It is this sense of community and friendship that Minouche treasures, and she wants others to be a part of what she has experienced. After her shop collapsed, she thought she would never find work, and she wants to inspire others to create success stories as well.

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