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In the wake of the earthquake that struck Haiti a few weeks ago, we received so many kind messages from you asking, "How can I  help?"  We are so thankful for our community that cares for the people of Haiti as much as we do.

Many organizations are working hard to meet the immediate needs of those who were directly affected by this disaster. There are a lot of unknowns as the damage and effects are still being evaluated. And we will share more information on how you can get involved with trusted charities when it’s time to shift from disaster response to long term rebuilding.

But today we wanted to share another way you can have a positive impact on Haiti with the shopping you’re already doing; by choosing to shop with Haitian businesses. There are so many amazing brands based in Haiti that create incredible products. By purchasing from these brands you have a direct positive impact on families in Haiti, in a way that fosters sustianable growth. 

Below we have compiled a list of our favorite Haitian brands for everything from home decor to chocolate. Happy shopping! 

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We are of course still here making the beautiful accessories you know us for. Our handbags and jewelry will have you feeling stylish and confident as you take on fall.
SHOP DEUX MAINS Singing Rooster
Crisp fall mornings are just around the corner, or maybe they have already found you. Warm up with a new blend of Haitian coffee in the morning. 
SHOP SINGING ROOSTERshop singing roosterKreyol Essence
Hands down one of our favorite brands, Kreyol Essence is ready to add a little something extra to your beauty routine. Their products are made with the amazing natural elements found right here in Haiti.
Who doesn’t love delicious chocolate? This chocolate will not disappoint. All locally sourced and made in Haiti. You can love this chocolate a little extra knowing the company was founded out of a desire to create jobs in Haiti.
SHOP ASKANYA Caribbean Craft
Add a truly unique piece to your home decor with any one of Caribbean Craft’s products. Each piece is made with recycled materials, inspired by nature, and ready to give a little extra life to your living space.
Crafted in Haiti, inspiring flavors infused with local culture, their products will bring a taste of Haiti to your table. Their gourmet hot sauces will add just the right amount of spice and amazing flavor to whatever you’re making. 
SHOP MYABEL We know that it is difficult to navigate where to give when disasters occur. The good news is that when you purchase from local businesses, you are not only getting a wonderful piece of the island but you’re also spending money where it directly impacts the families that work for these companies. 

It’s a win-win and we really appreciate your love and support! 

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