7 Ways to Mindfully Enjoy Summer

We’ve spent a lot of time at home over the last year, and now many of us are beginning to get back out and enjoying regular summer activities. It can be easy to fall back into the hustle and bustle of all the summer fun. So, this is your reminder to slow down and savor all the summer sights, smells, and sounds. 

Here are seven tips to help you slow down and enjoy the long summer days: 

  1. Take your lounging outdoors. 
    It’s time to break up with your couch for a bit and get outside. Whether it’s a blanket on the lawn or your favorite patio chair, get outside and enjoy that summer sun.

  2. Put the tech away.
    This year has not been kind to our tech habits. Many of us spend longer hours on technology for work and connecting with friends and family. Take care of yourself this summer by making the commitment to consciously put away the tech for a few hours each week. 

  3. Get out and go for a walk! 
    Enjoy the fresh summer air by getting out and walking whenever you can. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite park, trail, or path. Or maybe just park a few blocks away from your favorite brunch spot to enjoy a little extra summer weather. 

  4. Try something new. Longer days can make us feel like we have little extra productive time. Use those extra light hours to pick up a new hobby like hiking, yoga, or gardening, or maybe get back to an old favorite you’ve been putting off.  

  5. Make a playlist of summertime hits.
    Make a specially curated playlist for the season. Recruit your friends, and family to make a playlist of all your summer favorites. Live in the moment and enjoy a little dance party! 

  6. Enjoy the season of fresh food.
    Everything feels so fresh during summer, including food. Take a walk around your local farmers market and
    get inspired by all the locally grown produce. Is there anything better than a fresh summer salad? 

  7. Go star gazing.
    Look up and remember to slow down. Grab a blanket and your favorite drink to do a little stargazing on these warm nights. It’s an excellent way to reset and put life back into perspective. 

However you enjoy summer, do it in style with a few of our summer favorites. Summer Favorites

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