Karabela Beautiful

Introducing the TJ Maxx of ethical brands

Fashion is a part of who we are.  Especially as we live in an age of individualism and self expression.  It is no secret that what...

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The Perfect Summer Backpack - by Brand Ambassador Heide Lindgren

 "April showers bring May flowers" is what they say, but today's April rain isn't getting me down because I have the SUNSHINE of deux mains...

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Ethical Fashion as a Lifestyle, by Julie Colombino

Each piece in the 2018 deux mains collection serves as the foundation for the stories I am creating about the kind of life I want to live.  I delight in the bold colors and locally sourced materials.   I make choices to showcase the talent and hope I have for Haiti.  
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Spring 2018: A Letter From the Founder

The 2018 collection was inspired by Haiti's vibrant beauty. I welcome you to delight in the bold colors and locally sourced materials that were chosen to showcase the hope I have for Haiti.  
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Independence without borders

Whenever you make a purchase, do you ever think about the person who created that product? As Independence Day is celebrated nationwide, and with our...

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