FAQs about Deux Mains & Rebuild Globally answered

What does REBUILD globally do for deux mains

REBUILD globally created the structure and training necessary to support local business ownership of the deux mains workshop, ensuring that Haitian survivors are driving Haiti’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their role is to establish a sustainable, small business, provide the leadership and capacity in order to build support, and then gradually pull out as the business increases sales, becomes profitable, and learns to stand on its own.

Where did the name come from? 

deux mains means Two Hands in French! Our artisans create the sandals by hand. When you purchase a pair of deux mains sandals, you are allowing them to use their two hands to make a difference in their own lives. The most important part of their job is the fact that they are the ones creating success for themselves. The name deux mains emphasizes the way your purchases are making a difference. You are creating the spark that allows their two hands to keep working towards a better life for them and their families.

How are the sandals made?

The soles of the sandals are made from the sidewalls of discarded automobile tires. They are not melted down and reshaped but upcycled, keeping their unique form. Then they are thinned to keep them light and comfortable while maintaining their original durability.

Foam foot-beds allow the sandals to mold to your feet, which will sit on our custom, vegetable-tanned Haitian goat leather. The leather is made in a tannery in Haiti with no chemicals or dyes, leaving the color unaltered and completely natural! It is finished in the workshop with a beeswax conditioner so that it lasts as long as possible.

The sandal straps are made from chrome-tanned suede Haitian goat leather, custom dyed in our five signature colors. All of our sandals are made with naked leathers so that they are completely authentic and wear beautifully with time.

Do the artisans make enough to live comfortably?

We provide jobs with living wage employment. Living wages mean family stability: housing, clean water, nutritious food, education, and access to healthcare.  Stable families make up stable communities. REBUILD globally creates self-sufficient, locally owned businesses in order to REBUILD financially stable communities to ultimately end poverty worldwide.

You can read more about how the artisans’ lives have changed since starting with Deux Mains here!


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