Sustainability - A Legacy

If you have been following sustainable fashion for a while you know that your purchases have an impact on the world, and it’s up to you whether it’s a positive or negative one. But have you ever considered that the choices you make also have an impact on future generations? Our children are the future leaders and caretakers of this planet. I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of hope in that as I see a generation of parents starting to make thoughtful changes in the way they do just about everything, including consume fashion. The decisions you make now are shaping your children’s values around fashion and the environment, and they are shaping your legacy.

We know one of the reasons you shop for sustainable products is because they are better for the planet. The current fashion industry pushes fast, mass-produced products that are made with  chemicals, micro-plastics, and other nonrenewable resources. These practices have contributed to an environmental crisis, but we have come together and said “no more.” Your purchases show your commitment to giving your children a planet with a more hopeful future. We see it every time you choose to purchase items made from recycled, repurposed, and renewable materials. Brands like ours, committed to repurposing materials like inner tube and tire in our  vegan collection, would not exist without your shared commitment to the environment.

When you shop ethically you are teaching your children to value humans across the globe. Each purchase from a company like Deux Mains gives employees livable wages, safe working conditions, and access to things like healthcare and higher education. We are living in a generation that is no longer accepting the way it’s always been, as the way it has to be. This industry is no different. We are turning back to quality, craftsmanship, and dignified employment for artisans. What a beautiful thing to teach the next generation.

In sustainable fashion, we have said we are done with the idea of mass-produced cookie cutter items, and we have renewed a commitment to quality products. This means you can create a fashion legacy for your children when you shop sustainable fashion, by handing down your timeless, quality made, and environmentally conscious pieces. They are made to last, made to be used, and made to create a legacy about so much more than fashion.

We get to choose the ideals we hand off to our children, let’s give them eco friendly, human-centered, and quality-based fashion ideas, and see where they take it from there.

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