We are Deux Mains, Not Two but Many

Dear friends,

Over the past few months and years, so much has changed.  Change for us all as individuals, for our communities, for Haiti and for the world. At Deux Mains, we took a hard look at ourselves and decided to use this time to define what kind of fashion business we were going to be.   

Deux Mains may have been born many years ago, always with the intent to build an economically stronger Haiti, but today we put our stake in the ground on who we are as a brand, and as a family.  We did not just rebrand our business by enriching our logo, our collections and website. But we have enhanced the way we make, manufacture and collaborate. 

While our vision remains steadfast to make the world fairer for people and the planet, we have made a choice.  Led by distinctive craft and design ideals, we are taking fashion forward by offering truly meaningful choice. Our newest collections are rooted in the beauty and extremity of Haiti and bound by the ancestral wisdom this Island offers to make free-thinking fashion for a fairer world. 

Deux Mains fashion

I hope you have enjoy this journey of creating the new Deux Mains, because your involvement matters.  We will continue to share why we took on this endeavor and what it means for us and for the fashion industry and hope you will share your experience with us as well because this is not a solo pursuit.  Your involvement matters.

With admiration,

Julie Billingham



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We make free-thinking fashion for a fairer world.