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  • Cham Earrings

    Cham Earrings

    $ 21.99
    Available: In Stock

    We’ve created these artisan earrings to be tough, and trendy!   A part of The Tire Collection, these Cham Earring subtly combine delicate cable chain with our upcycled tire rubber, showcased...

  • Kolye Pwogre

    Kolye Pwogre

    $ 24.99
    Available: In Stock

    Ethically crafted, this charming necklace lets you take a piece of Haiti with you wherever you go!  The Boho Collection's Kolye Pwogrè was named by our deux main management team,...

  • Bel Nanm for Her,  Olive

    Bel Nanm for Her, Olive

    $ 65.99
    Available: In Stock

    There is more to these beautifully classic sandals than meets the eye!  Made in partnership with Thread, our Olive Bel Nanm for Her sandals really take the meaning of impact...

  • Dream Catcher Earrings

    Dream Catcher Earrings

    $ 24.99
    Available: In Stock

    Express your own unique style with our handmade Dream Catcher Earrings!  Part of our Boho Collection these concentric earrings are carefully wrapped with all natural Haitian leather, and feature a...

  • The Lore

    The Lore

    $ 74.99
    Available: In Stock

    This handmade pack is a great travel companion!   A part of our Boho Collection, this slouchy, fold-over pack features vegetable-tanned, luxurious sheepskin, and an adjustable hip strap. Charming, and...