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  • Feather Earrings

    Feather Earrings

    $ 14.99
    Available: In Stock

    Inspired by the elaborate costumes of  Carnival in the Caribbean, these deux mains feather earrings will take you places. Made from genuine leather, painted canvas or inner tube  and  practically weightless, these one-of-a-kind earrings...

  • Bel Nanm for Her

    Bel Nanm for Her

    $ 64.99
    Available: Out of Stock

    SIZING TIP  *We run small* Shop half size up if you wear half size. Meaning “beautiful soul” in Haitian Creole our Bel Nanm for Her sandals, are ethical fashion at...

  • Maudernise Pouch

    Maudernise Pouch

    $ 28.95
    Available: In Stock

    Our traditional Maudernise Pouch comes in asphalt, copper or cognac colors. Named after Maudernise, one of deux mains’ finest seamstresses, this mini clutch is made from locally sourced leather, and paired...

  • Anne Sandal Anne Sandal

    Anne Sandal

    $ 52.99 $ 64.99
  • Anne Sandal

    Anne Sandal

    $ 52.99 $ 64.99
    Available: Out of Stock

    These classic leather sandals by deux mains are made from sustainably and responsibly sourced leather, and feature our unique upcycled tire tread soles.  Variation in color and texture make them authentically beautiful and...

  • Alexandre Three Strap Sandal

    Alexandre Three Strap Sandal

    $ 49.99
    Available: Out of Stock

    SIZING TIP *We run small* Shop 1/2 size up. Named for deux mains’ Head Footwear Designer, Erony Alexandre, the Alexandre Three-Strap Sandal combines bright and muted colors in it’s signature...