REBUILD globally

To fully appreciate deux mains, we must tell our story from the beginning.

January 12, 2010

As an initial response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, deux mains President Julie Colombino- Billingham founded a nonprofit organization REBUILD globally. This charity serves as our most strategic partner in fighting poverty, as we believe job creation is the answer.  However, she couldn't ignore how the extreme poverty all around them was affecting young children.  So in addition to opening a small job training center which provides paid job training to men and women in Haiti.  She also created an education program that provides school sponsorships and Leadership Training for youth in Haiti.  The education program has an exit strategy in which each graduate from REBUILD globally has 100% guaranteed job at deux mains.  For our kids on the path to University, we also offer a matching program to also support their continuing education.  

Over the year, through the efforts of REBUILD globally, deux mains was able to spin off into its own official Haitian business and fashion brand.  Please visit the REBUILD website and consider rounding up your purchase to support these programs.