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Whenever you make a purchase, do you ever think about the person who created that product? As Independence Day is celebrated nationwide, and with our American roots, we are reminded why deux mains is here and why this company continues to run successfully. We are humbled by our small beginnings - and beyond excited for what is yet to come through the unified efforts of the company and our customers. This is a unique story of freedom that we want YOU to participate in!

Read any of the stories from the deux mains family, and you will find a common theme articulated through their involvement with the Haitian-owned fashion brand: Independence. The freedom to create a comfortable life, an opportunity to provide for family members, the motivation to pursue higher education, and more…. all made possible because of the job training and employment provided through REBUILD globally and employment with deux mains. Through these programs, our employees have found independence to work towards their dreams. 

You might have already heard the background of how this ethical fashion brand came to be. Once homeless, displaced by the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the deux mains team is made up of relentless individuals who decided to take their lives back, in a situation some would consider hopeless. Our family is made up of seamstresses, craftswoman, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, mothers, fathers and even pastors that decided to build independence for themselves and their communities. With a few instrumental individuals, Julie Colombino, CEO and Founder of REBUILD globally and deux mains, collaborated with the Haitian community to guide the development of deux mains and its creation of dignified jobs. Today, deux mains is not only recognized as a Haitian business that is employee-owned, but the sustainable business model is also evident through our sourcing of local materials used for our products - from tires to leather goods.

The next time you head to our online boutique, remember that you are not just buying an object. You are participating in a story of independence beyond borders, passed on from our two talented hands to yours. We hope that you will share the next part of the story with us - remember to tag us in your deux mains apparel!


by Eileen Louissaint. Writer and Change Maker.


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