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Deux Mains was created in a time of disaster, yet thrives in its wake. When a catastrophic earthquake decimated Haiti in 2010, Deux Mains founder and creative director Julie Colombino-Billingham experienced a country at its worst.

Witnessing the desperate need for dignified employment in Haiti became the catalyst and greatest inspiration behind the brand. Now, with each collection, we honor the ancestral wisdom, talent, and perseverance Julie found in the people of Haiti.

Photagrapher: Jean Oscar

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At our core, we believe in the power of thoughtful design, well-intentioned and carefully crafted goods, and the power we each hold as consumers. That's why we are proud to take fashion forward by offering truly meaningful choice. When you choose Deux Mains, you choose safe working conditions, a liveable wage, health insurance, and access to education for Haitian people.
You choose a solar-powered, women-owned factory. You choose found or made materials, traditional craft methods and a circularity mindset. You choose high quality, timeless designs that can become wardrobe staples for years. You choose fashion that's designed to do good.


We built our business to create empowering jobs in Haiti and share the island's incredible craftsmanship with the world.“Deux Mains” means "two hands" in French—because behind every piece we produce, there is an artisan who is professionally trained to handcraft beautiful leather handbags, sandals, and jewelry from responsibly sourced materials.

We believe you should have access to sustainable luxury fashion pieces that align with your values.That’s why your Deux Mains sandals, premium leather goods and jewelry are carefully crafted with an artisanal finish that will last for years to come. Thanks to this island's boundless creativity, we are weaving new beginnings with every design. With every collaboration, we strengthen communities. Everything we make and do has fairness stitched in. This is not a solo pursuit. Your involvement matters. And we're grateful you're here.

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Julie Colombino-Billingham is a first-generation Italian American with a diverse background ranging from professional dancer and aerialist to MBA trained in international disaster. Her inspiration for fashion is rooted in the beauty and extremities of Haiti, where she learned her first lesson from the women she encountered there: "I don't need water, I need a job."In response, Julie created a different kind of fashion business focused on sustainable luxury goods that are better for both people and the planet.

Fueled by the strength of the Haitian people, Deux Mains evolved into a job creation hub where artisans are valued, and each collection is intelligently designed, made, and manufactured in our solar-powered Port-au-Prince factory.Julie dreams of balancing the present reality with the possibilities of an economically free and healthy Haiti by offering the world beautifully crafted bags with multifunctional uses, sandals made from honest materials found on the island, and fashion accessories made from luxurious leathers.