As part of our commitment to crafting a fair, more planet-friendly fashion industry, we at Deux Mains exclusively work with Gold Rated Tanneries
and use responsibly sourced leather. In each of our beautiful handcrafted designs, the leather you see comes from one of three places.


Many of our designs use goat leather, which we purchase from a Haitian tannery that employs more than 100 people. By supporting this tannery, we are able to support the local economy and boost the supply chain in a country where an estimated 80% of the population is formally unemployed.

And, by forming a relationship with this tannery, we can be confident in the quality we receive while knowing that the highest environmental standards are being upheld.Photographer: Jean Oscar



The staple leathers that we use on our evergreen collections are sourced from a tannery in Mexico that has been rated as "one of the most sustainable tanneries in the world." At this tannery, the hides used in the leather tanning process are a by-product of the meat industry — and that prevents them from going to waste in a landfill. More to love about this Mexican tannery’s ethics and sustainable practices:

• 33% of production is facilitated through solar power

• 78% of the tannery’s waste is recycled

• 100% of the tannery’s packaging is recyclable• The tannery is officially certified as a “Socially Responsible Company”

• As a part of its social outreach campaigns, this tannery supports reforestation, orphanages, higher education, stream cleaning, and local schools


Many of the vibrant colors we use in our collections are sourced from deadstock leathers, which are essentially the surplus of the fashion world. When a brand or mill overestimates their needs or decides a material is not right for their collection, the manufacturing overstock otherwise sits unused or is thrown in a landfill. We rescue it from that fate and in turn lower our carbon footprint.

While fast-fashion brands may manufacture faux leather alternatives that are cheap and short-lived, using deadstock leather allows us to source the highest quality leather at a much lower cost in a way that is kinder to the planet.Through the creation of these deadstock leather pieces, we are giving a second life to beautiful, quality leather that would otherwise go to waste. And, using leather sourced in small batches like this means each piece is truly a limited edition, making your new accessory all the more unique. Eliminating production waste where possible is woven into our core — it’s all part of creating free-thinking fashion for a fairer world.