How to Maintain Our Products

Are you thinking about buying one of our beautifully handmade items, or do you already own one? If so, this blog is perfect for you! We’ll show you how to take care of your surplus leather products every day, month, and year, so they last a long time. This will support our mission: Prioritize makers, materials and the planet.

Firstly, we would like to let you know that our ethically crafted leather bags and accessories are created with surplus leather and we exclusively work with the most sustainable tanneries in the world. If you would like to learn more about this check out Our Materials page.

an interior view of our woven leather pouch in pink.



Here's a few simple things to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. 

Avoid Water: Leather can absorb water which can cause stains or brittleness. If your item gets wet, blot it with a dry cloth and let it air dry naturally.

Store Properly: Keep your item in a dust bag (avoid plastic bags) and in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight/heat sources which can cause drying and cracking.

Limit Overstuffing: Avoid over packing your leather bags and wallets. This can stretch/distort its shape.


Leather Cleaner: Use a commercial leather cleaner designed for surplus leather to remove deeper dirt and oils.

Leather Conditioner: Apply a generous amount of leather conditioner to a clean, soft cloth and work it into the leather in circular motions. Allow it to absorb for about 15-30 minutes, then buff with a dry cloth.

Waterproofing: Apply a leather protectant or waterproofing spray to guard against moisture and stains. This is especially important for items used in varying weather conditions.


Seasonal Storage: If you will be storing your leather goods for a longer period of time, clean and condition your leather items before placing them in a breathable dust bag.

Deep Conditioning: Once a year, give your leather a deep conditioning treatment. Apply a high quality leather conditioner and let it sit overnight. Wipe off any excess the next day.

Consider Professional Services: Take your leather items to a professional cleaner for an intensive cleaning. This is particularly useful for large or intricate items.

Product Review: Reconsider the care products you use to ensure they are still suitable for your leather items. Look for new, eco-friendly options that may be available.

To conclude, caring for our surplus leather items will pay off with our durable, long-lasting products. By doing these routines, it will help your leather goods remain in excellent condition and continue to make a sustainable style statement.

Remember, well looked after leather not only looks good but also supports responsible fashion and the environment by reducing waste.

Happy caring!