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The Ultimate Test: Your Perfect Color Palette and Style

The Ultimate Test: Your Perfect Color Palette and Style

As the days grow longer, it’s time to hang up our coats. Let's reminisce on the memories we’ve made this season, that has graciously woven the war...

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woman holding the tote bag in black.

Behind the Collection

The entire collection is centered around the idea that we are better together. A thread that is woven through every accept of this collection from ...

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hand made sandals.

Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

As a given, your sandal purchase from us supports ethical, sustainable, and eco-conscious practices, but this month your purchase will also provide...

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a close up of a women wearing jewellery made from materials in Haitis nsurroundings.

A Fashion Revolution

We are living in a unique time in history. We are all starting to ask more questions about the systems at work around us. This includes where our c...

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illustration of people protesting about fast fashion.

Fast Fashion -Scary facts

Fast fashion - two little words that, when strung together, reflect the enormous impact that arises when clothing and accessories are created on a ...

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tote bag in cognac in studio with chair prop.

Cognac: the color of Fall

Cognac is a warm hue, a heartier version of brown.   It makes us think of piping hot mugs of cider with cinnamon sticks, or spiced lattes in the pa...

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group photo of college and skilled artisians in factory..

Sustainable or ethical?

A questions I have been asked repeatedly over the past decade is what is the difference between eco, sustainable and ethical fashion, and how in th...

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