Sustainable Luxury made in haiti

Transformation is our philosophy and Haiti is our muse. From Haiti's land and people, we take our inspiration for turning poverty into progress.

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Luxurious + Sustainable

Every product we craft in Haiti uses upcycled or responsibly-sourced materials. Behind every timeless piece is a Haitian artisan with a unique identity, skill set, and passion for creating beauty that is made to last.

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Transformation is our philosophy and Haiti is our muse Shouldn’t fashion be transformative? Your involvement matters. This is not a solo pursuit. Free-thinking fashion for a fairer world. Intelligent design. Handmade in Haiti. Everything we make and do has fairness stitched in. Choose found or made materials. Choose style over landfill. Weaving new beginnings with every design


Not a solo pursuit

We created new ways to design, make and manufacture that work for, not against, what the world needs.

Let's craft a fairer fashion industry together.

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