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  • The Nicole

    The Nicole

    $ 79.99
    Available: In Stock

    We’ve crafted a unique denim purse that’s ready to go wherever your travels take you!  Part of our Denim Collection, The Nicole is named after one of our designers and...

  • Bel Nanm for Her,  Olive

    Bel Nanm for Her, Olive

    $ 65.99
    Available: In Stock

    There is more to these beautifully classic sandals than meets the eye!  Made in partnership with Thread, our Olive Bel Nanm for Her sandals really take the meaning of impact...

  • Julie Clutch

    Julie Clutch

    $ 59.99
    Available: In Stock

    This twist on a classic clutch is ready to go wherever your adventures take you!  A part of The Tire Collection, this impactful clutch is made from upcycled rubber, and...

  • Lespwa


    $ 119.99
    Available: In Stock

    Fashion forward, and uniquely charming, these artisan sandals will take you wherever your next adventure awaits!  Lespwa means hope. We hope you’ll fall in love with these handmade sandals as...

  • Cham Earrings

    Cham Earrings

    $ 21.99
    Available: In Stock

    We’ve created these artisan earrings to be tough, and trendy!   A part of The Tire Collection, these Cham Earring subtly combine delicate cable chain with our upcycled tire rubber, showcased...

  • Kolye Pwogre

    Kolye Pwogre

    $ 24.99
    Available: In Stock

    Ethically crafted, this charming necklace lets you take a piece of Haiti with you wherever you go!  The Boho Collection's Kolye Pwogrè was named by our deux main management team,...

  • Abako Earrings

    Abako Earrings

    $ 15.99
    Available: In Stock

    These bold geometric earrings were handcrafted with integrity, and are the perfect accessory to explore your unique style!  Part of our Denim Collection, our Abako Earrings are handmade by our deux...

  • Kolye Cham

    Kolye Cham

    $ 18.99
    Available: In Stock

    This adventurous, fashion forward choker is handmade with sustainable rubber!  Part of The Tire Collection, the Kolye Cham has simplicity at the heart of its design. Crafted from upcycled tires...

  • Kenneth Cole Dopp kit

    Kenneth Cole Dopp kit

    $ 69.99
    Available: In Stock

    Travel in style with the beautifully handcrafted Kenneth Cole Dopp Kit!  Kenneth Cole has been committed to rebuilding Haiti since the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. Kenneth Cole designed  this sleek Dopp Kit...