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Article: What is your perfect handbag pairing?

What is your perfect handbag pairing?

What is your perfect handbag pairing?

Our handbags and accessories are created to improve your lifestyle. The leather goods are handmade by skilled Haitian Artisans who craft sustainable pieces that make your day-to-day easier.

Supporting Deux Mains helps us look after our craftsman and their journey towards a better life. In the blog, we will help you find the perfect bag and accessories to match your needs. 


The Photographer

The Woven Backpack & Hip Bag

A backpack will give you space for a camera, lenses, and other gear. Bring this with a Hip Bag for smaller items you might want. This keeps everything within reach, letting you focus on taking the perfect shot.

The Entrepreneur

The Sarah Shoulder Bag & Slim ID

Our Sarah Shoulder Bag is large enough to fit a laptop and planner. The Slim ID would be a perfect matching accessory. You will be ready for networking, with business cards always at hand.



Mother Figure

The All Day Tote Bag & Large Pouch

Moms need bags like our All Day Tote that is big enough to carry everything. While our large pouch helps keep things organized and easy to find.

The Traveler

The Envelope Crossbody Bag & Coin Pouch

For travelers, our beautifully woven Envelope Crossbody is great for carrying travel documents, your phone and a map. Our leather Coin Pouch will keep currency, keys and small items. This combination will make traveling even more wonderful.

The Corporate Professional

The Optimal Shoulder Bag & Small Pouch

In the corporate world, being practical and looking smart is important. The Optimal Shoulder bag gives you enough room for a tablet and notepad. This would work well with our small pouch for personal things without being too bulky. 


By choosing a handbag to suit your lifestyle, you can make your daily routine more manageable. Our woven, handmade, and ethical leather pieces come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, designed for every woman. 

Explore our collection today and find your perfect pairing. We would love to hear about what works well for you! 


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