Why Surplus Leather?

In today's world, it is more important than ever to be conscious about our buying decisions and our impact on others. Let's craft a fairer fashion industry together, taking fashion forward with circular thinking and honoring the true meaning of choice.

With that in mind, we would like to shed light on why Deux Mains uses surplus leather to craft our woven bags & accessories handmade by our Skilled Haitian Artisans. 

Environmentally Sustainable

  • Waste Reduction: Surplus leather assists in minimizing waste by repurposing materials instead of discarding them. It contributes to sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Resource Efficiency: Our products are handmade with deadstock leather, reducing the demand for new leather production and thus decreasing the environmental impact.

Supporting Circular Economy 

Using surplus leather for new products helps us follow a circular approach, specifically 'reuse and recycle'. It promotes sustainability and reduces the environmental footprint.

High Quality

Surplus leather often retains the same high quality as new leather since it comes from the offcuts or leftover pieces of premium products.

Limited Editions 

  • Uniqueness: Each one has original characteristics that make it sustainable, ethical, and personal to you. 
  • Limited Editions: Our leather goods are handmade in small batches, appealing to consumers who value individuality in their purchases.

We hope this gave you insight into why we utilize surplus leather to create hand-crafted pieces in our solar-powered factory in Haiti. Ultimately, everything we make and do has fairness stitched in. With every design, we weave new beginnings.