We believe business can and should work to alleviate poverty by creating great jobs. We are champions of long-term economic development and lead by example creating jobs that provide benefits, living wages, health insurance, paid holidays and offer maternity/paternity leave. Job creation is the most dignified and sustainable way to fight poverty, it is the core of deux mains. We also believe women are the backbone of society, as the great Haitian proverb says, fanm se potomitan. We are proudly women-owned and women-managed. Encouraging leadership and promoting from within.

• Employment rate in Haiti hovers around 59%.

We created a Haitian business that is 100% invested in supporting the locally economy. We have created more than 500k of hours of sustainable work. We are 100% women- owned and women-managed.


We work within the local Haitian community with craftsmen and women (and other businesses) who are proud to be a part of a changing economy. The investment in the local economy supports an infrastructure needed to create lasting change. That same intentional investment is also to each deux mains employee who is given the tools and training needed to learn, grow and prosper. We produce in small batches and ensure each item is crafted to last and we source 99% of our raw materials from the Island, supporting and enriching local business.

We have invested more than $1,000,000 into the local economy. We celebrate 100% graduation from our job-training program into full time employment.


As pioneers of the sustainable movement, we choose longevity over trends. We care deeply about the environment and the effects of manufacturing. We are so committed to responsible production that we built a factory that is 100% solar powered. We are so committed to conscious design that we incorporate repurposed inner tubes and tires into nearly all of our products and we responsibly and locally source other raw materials. Finally, we create sandals and accessories that minimize waste and utilizing available resources. We offset the carbon footprint by purchasing using up-cycled, locally-sourced materials right down to the very last detail.

• We operate a 100% solar power factory and have transforming an estimated 10,000 tires into the soles of our sandals, reducing the emission of CO2 by 11 metric tons.

We belive business can and should work to alleviate poverty by creating great jobs