How to Wear a Lariat

Lariat necklaces are one of our new favorites for so many reasons. They are so are gorgeous and can easily be worn for the office or an evening out. Lariat necklaces are different because they do not create a closed circle instead, they are a straight-chain or beaded strand that is wrapped or overlapped once on your neck. We might be a little obsessed with our handcrafted lariat necklace so we wanted to show you a few of our favorite ways to wear it.

  • The half knot: just like it sounds this look is created by wrapping the chain like you would start a knot. 
  • Asymmetrical: one of the more traditional ways to wear this lariat. Just loop the bead through the circle and pull one end longer than the other. 
  • Asymmetrical choker: just like the asymmetrical look, loop the chain through the circle and pull the long side even further to create a choker. 
  • Even ends: the beauty of a lariat is you get to decide the length. One of my personal favorite ways to wear our lariat is to pull both sides perfectly even. 
  • Bonus look: flip the necklace around to add some charm to an open-back outfit. 

Lariat necklaces

We hope these ideas inspire you to explore all the styling options these timeless necklaces can offer. Don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram posts with your lariat necklace; we’d love to see the creative ways you are wearing it.