Spring Adventures: Sustainable Leather Essentials for Every Occasion

Spring is a season of renewal and adventure, offering endless opportunities to embrace nature, indulge in festivities and enjoy leisurely moments with yourself or loved ones. Here, we'll explore a range of springtime activities and the perfect sustainable leather goods to accompany each occasion, ensuring you step out in style while minimizing your environmental footprint.

key chain from our spring collection in rosewood - front view.

Escapades: Blooms and Bikes

There's no better time than the beginning of Spring to go for a hike or a bike ride surrounded by bright green trees, flowing streams, and your favorite wildflowers. What would make that experience even better is bringing all your essentials in our soft leather woven backpack from our new spring collection. It now comes in black! Close your eyes and be in the present moment as you reimagine your life in the way that brings you inner peace and excitement for change, growth, and becoming the best version of yourself. 

Brunches: Petals and Picnics

One of my favorite things to do in Spring is having brunches with my person. And what could be better than having brunch in a picnic basket surrounded by cherry blossoms and a fresh breeze? To add extra fun to this little adventure, we have our Hip Bag. Now available in mahogany and black. You can also match it with our woven small pouch and keychain to place in your handbag.

Events: Revelations & Celebrations

Your potential upcoming Spring weddings or events, such as concerts or art exhibitions, would bide well with our Baguette Bag. It's now available in three new colors: rosewood, bone, and black. It is the perfect accessory to complete your outfit and add a touch of sophistication to your springtime ensemble. What's more, it aligns perfectly with your eco-friendly lifestyle. You can match your chosen color with a Coin Pouch and Slim ID for the complete look.

Strolls: Urban Treks and Market Checks

Why not enjoy a Sunday morning stroll to the market and savor the sights and scents of the season? You can fill your day with plants, delicious smells, and good energy. Our Envelope Crossbody can be a perfect addition to this occasion as it has ample space to put your goodies and would blend beautifully with the surroundings.

Let's remember that spring is not just a season on the calendar but a state of mind—a time for revitalization and new beginnings. Whether you're embarking on a blooming escapade, reveling in celebratory events, or taking leisurely strolls through urban landscapes, our sustainable leather goods are here to accompany you on every adventure.


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