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It’s quite a juxtaposition.  At Deux Mains, our solar powered factory sits right in the middle of Haiti’s capital city.  Haiti is a country known for its abject poverty, and whose headlines recently read of civil unrest, and political turmoil.  What an incredible change of story line, however, when one of the most powerful women in the world, Oprah Winfrey, includes a Handwoven Crossbody Bag made in this very factory, in her highly respected Gift Guide

While we aim to tell a different story than the media at Deux Mains, one that boasts of ancestral wisdom that inspires our team’s craft and the beauty that is possible in Haiti, our voice is often drowned out by negative press.  So, when Oprah’s voice comes ringing through the noise, attesting that “this luxury handbag sustainably made in Haiti” is a must have for your wardrobe, a beautiful shift rocks the narrative.

Oprah loves Handbags

What Can Make Handbags Sustainable?

You may be wondering, What makes this handbag sustainable, what is Sustainable Fashion, and why did such a small brand in Haiti win such a profound accolade?”  Perhaps, its our lifetime guarantee, a pledge so few brands offer.  Thats right, you read that correctly. Everything we craft in that factory sitting in the middle of Port Au Prince, is made and promised to last.

How Can we be so sure? 

First, it begins with craftsmanship. With more than a decade of experience, and training from some of the best makers experts in the industry, including design and leather craft experts from Kenneth Cole, Tori Burch, and Coach, our Master Haitian Craftsmen and Women apply their natural talent and extensive training to meticulously cut, weave, and stitch each piece to perfection.

Kenneth Cole visits Deux Mains

But it’s not just the high-level craftsmanship that gives us the confidence to offer a lifetime guarantee.  By using only the highest quality materials, including leather from one of the world's most sustainable tanneries, and solid brass hardware that is tarnish resistant and made in the USA, we stand by the durability of all of our products.

Whether it’s a pair of stylish leather sandals whose soles are made from repurposed tires, or one of Oprah’s most recommended handbags, meticulously woven with some of the best leather in the world, we guarantee our clients a lifetime partnership with their Deux Mains product. If it doesn’t withstand the test of time, we will replace or repair it.  Now that’s sustainability!

Too hard to believe? Just ask Oprah!

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our cognac trifold wallet held up.

Sustainable Gifts for the Holidays

Shine the spotlight on our holiday sets. Our range of vegan accessories has something for everyone: gifts for him, gifts for her, and unisex gifts.

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Fall into Sustainable Style

Fall into Sustainable Style

We have moved into the autumn season, its finally time to fall for sustainable style with Deux Mains. 

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