On a Student’s Budget

I am happy to report that the term "sustainability" is becoming more common.  Not as commonplace, as the words "quarantine" or "COVID", but the idea of making a more thoughtful purchase is more popular than ever.  How we treat the planet, and the people who make our fashion, is finally an important topic of discussion among groups from middle school to MBA programs.

It is true that sustainable and eco-friendly items do come with a higher price tag, so how are students on a budget supposed to participate in this new fad of social consciousness?   At Deux Mains, we think that is the most important question.

We have believed for a long time that ethical products should be available to everyone, and worked hard to get there.  First, we started with a vegan line made completely from inner tube.  One of the greatest products for students is our vegan pencil case.  It can hold all writing utensils in an organized way and all week it is 20% off.

However, making all products this competitive in price is a challenge.  Many people have asked why is it so hard to make sustainable and ethical products affordable?  We think it important to explain why. First, when you pay living wages, the costs of production rise dramatically.  When you source raw materials in small batches to reduce waste, each part and piece you need to craft together becomes more expensive.  In addition, most sustainable companies will also source locally, instead of buying cheap raw materials from factories in China, another main factor in increasing costs.

The costs are then skewed greater when stores like Walmart and other discount department stores sell school supplies and products extremely cheaply.  We will never be able to compete with those prices, but to come close, we are having a back to school sale on all our school essentials

One of the greatest and cheapest ways for students to make an impact is to use a reusable canvas bag.  We know this school year has been wracked with challenges, so we made a Class of Quarantine 2020 bag for your special student this year.   We know the greatest tool for kids from middle school to college is a laptop, so our responsibly sourced leather laptop case that is soft enough to protect your most valuable work tool, and unique enough to make heads turn with that one of a kind inner tube pocket is also on sale.

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