September 30, 2020 1 min read

Summer days are coming to an end, and Fall has arrived.  If you haven't yet prepared for all of its warm hues, and seasonal delights, we've got you covered.

At Deux Mains, we want you to feel all the beauty Fall has to offer AND be empowered with your purchase because you are confident it is making an impact.  Our cognac line not only suits any and every fall attire, it also incorporates repurposed inner tube in every piece, all while providing meaningful jobs in Haiti. 

 Here are some tips for you to look and feel your best this Fall:

  1. Prepare your seasonal color pallet by purchasing accessories that follow a classic Fall color. Cognac accessories will help you be in tune with the seasonal glow around you.
  2. Invest in products that provide good conversation to enjoy over mugs of your favorite Fall beverages.   Why not choose fashion that tells a story – like creating meaningful jobs in Haiti.
  3. Never settle for ordinary, and keep things interesting in every season. With rich hand finished leather, stitched together with repurposed tire rubber, your products can be one of a kind and thoughtful – just like you!
In order to accessorize your favorite fall sweaters, long leggings and leather boots, let Deux Mains provide you the right color pallet for your accessories. It's all about cognac.  The leather used in our cognac line has a distressed look and darkens naturally with age and wear.  It is rich and luxurious to the touch and showcases many different cognac tones – a full spectrum of autumn’s beauty.   We know you will FALL in love.


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