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Article: From Tires to Gorgeous Sandals

black sandals made out of recycled materials.

From Tires to Gorgeous Sandals

Did you know?
Every purchase you make of our signature tire-sole sandal provides a living wage to artisans in the factory we own in Haiti and helps combat climate change through the use of up-cycled tires that would have been otherwise disposed of.
Our goal is to be totally transparent with you so you can be proud of your purchase, so read on, we know you are going to love HOW they’re made!
Not one pair will ever be alike, they are as unique as you are.

STEP 1: Collection of Tires

It begins with rescuing disposed tires from across the island as Haiti doesn't have formal means to recycle rubber.
We partner with local tire companies and intercept them before they are taken to the countryside to be burned or thrown in the ocean.
Each sole proudly carries the spirit of rolling through the chaotic streets of Port Au Prince.

STEP 2: The Transformation

We take our newly found treasures to a town near the border of the Dominican Republic.
There we set up a satellite factory that provides income for a workforce we trained, to clean, cut, and process the sidewalls into tire soles.

STEP 3: Production: Molding and Sizing

Once the tires have been transformed, they are delivered to our craftsmen and women in Port Au Prince who cut them to size with solar-powered industrial machines. 
The foam and locally sourced leather uppers that have been cut, skived, and sewn to perfection are lasted to the sandal sole.

STEP 4: Quality Check

Lastly, the finishing touches are carefully carried out.
For each sandal, the edges are thoroughly sanded and cleaned and the quality control check takes place.
To give them that extra special touch, the sandal straps are made from luxurious artisanal leather, some of which are hand-painted or adorned with rhinestones.
Every pair is totally unique, just like you!

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