November 17, 2020 2 min read

Some say life is all about perception.   I say it’s all about action. From my experiences, I know what is possible when we stand together for good. I say it’s about making change…. and I think Black Friday can be used for good and lots of action. There is a debate in the  sustainable fashion world about Black Friday, as it can be seen as a day to over-consume and getting as much “stuff” as possible for as little as possible. There is definitely some truth in that. But, here is the encouraging thing, post-covid, we are hearing lots of positive talk that thoughtless buying is overrated. Is it possible that this day that was specifically created to binge shop could be used as a vehicle for good?

Black Friday is more of a shopping tradition, right? Well, I say let’s take a tradition that isn’t going anywhere and work to make it better. Everyday that’s all we can do, try to be a little better. So this Black Friday, Deux Mains is offering a store wide discount of 25% off and 30% off all purchases of $300, plus as always, we offer FREE shipping.

Why? Because we want to open the doors a little wider for more shoppers to buy  in line with their values, and sometimes that little discount can make all the difference in purchasing decisions.

When you purchase items that are made with purpose, there is a cost associated to that production. It’s a fair and just cost. It covers operation costs like fair wages and clean energy. So we can’t do it always, but for this week, we hope you will find great deals from companies that you admire.

Black Friday is putting us on an economic journey to have empathy for all customers, knowing lots of jobs and paychecks have been compromised this year. We know thousands of folks out there who want to buy sustainably for themselves and give thoughtful gifts to the people they love.  So we are excited to participate in this sale seasons and meet more of you.  We would also love to hear our thoughts on this topic. Leave a comment and share your thoughts. 

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