TJ Maxx of ethical brands

Fashion is a part of who we are.  Especially as we live in an age of individualism and self expression.  It is no secret that what you wear, is something personal to you.  I know that when we speak about ethical and sustainable fashion, "ethical" can feel overwhelming and "sustainable" can feel impossible.  But I believe that everyone has the right to wear footwear that steps into integrity and carry handbags that hold justice for all.  It is our goal at deux mains to make that happen.  
I also believe in collaboration and ethical clothing, therefore,  I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to a new partner of ours!  Here is a company who is making ethical clothing and accessories available at a fraction of the price!  Drum roll please........introducing the online brand, Love Justly. The team at Love Justly have figured it out!  To be honest, I didn’t even realize the the ethical fashion marketplace was missing this entire shopping experience…until…..a few months ago I heard there was company was buying up last seasons ethical fashions and selling at incredible discounted prices.
deux mains photoshoot

This is truly  the missing piece to the pie in building a sustainable wardrobe that is transparent and slave- free.  This is the solution for those of you who want to try out ethical fashion but don’t think you can afford it.  Think of this as the Ross or TJ Maxx of ethical.  Now you can give ethical a try for a fraction of the price.  Love Justly is an online marketplace that carefully curates from sustainable and ethical brands so
 that fashion that makes a positive impact can be accessible to more people.  I had to share this site because I love it, not only because I can purchase with integrity at an affordable price, but also because I value the strength of partnership and I am grateful for the service they provide to small brands like deux mains.  

Here are a few pieces I got from Love Justly.  I didn’t want to share this first photo because I am filthy,  but the skirt is so cute I cant help it!  We had a long day at work at deux mains when Albertson came for a visit and we had a little photoshoot.  The skirt is from a brand called Liz Alig.  I bought it at Just Lovely for 50% off.  Can you believe it?   I wore this dress a few weeks later in Uk when Billy and I went out for an afternoon drink to enjoy the changing season.  Another Liz Alig favorite.  

Give it a try.  You won't be sorry.