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Article: Is Ethical Fashion Worth The Cost?

a haitian women wearing our stackable bracelet made from natural materials in haiti.

Is Ethical Fashion Worth The Cost?

When people begin to look into an ethical fashion, they usually have two main questions. Why does it cost so much, and is it worth it? Hopefully, we can shed some light on this.

Why does it cost so much? 

Fair Wages

When we say we create ethical fashion, we are saying we deeply care about each person who works for us, and we want to see every one of them thriving in life. This starts with livable wages and access to employment benefits. Unfortunately, this is not the standard in the mainstream fashion industry, which is a huge factor in the price differences. 

Quality Materials

Fashion ethics go further than artisans and employees. We also care about the raw materials, what is being used, where is it being sourced from, and how is it harvested. We believe in repurposing materials to create sustainable supply chains. Our materials that do not come from recycling efforts are responsibly and locally sourced. This commitment to quality materials means that your products are made to last and you can enjoy them for years to come. 

Small Batches

Products that are made by hand in ethical factories are usually made in smaller batches. This is great for helping you curate a personal style that is truly unique, but is it also means materials are bought in smaller quantities to prevent waste, which will affect the cost per product. 

So, is it worth the cost? 

When we look at all the factors above, they do create a higher price tag than mass-produced fast fashion pieces. But they also create high-quality pieces made to last. The ethically made leather bag you love so much was made with the best materials and a focus on every detail of the construction. The result is a stunning bag you won’t have to replace any time soon. 

We know the upfront cost per product can be daunting but ethical fashion truly is an investment in your wardrobe. Fast fashion items are usually purchased in larger volumes out of necessity. If you know the item isn’t going to last you will buy a few at once or end up replacing it multiple times in a year. The amount you pay per product may be considerably lower, but over time you end up spending more than you may realize. Switching to ethically made fashion means you can purchase two or three quality products instead of ten mass-produced pieces that will quickly wear out. You will also have the assurance that each person who handled your fashion product was in a safe work environment and they are able to support themselves because of their employment.

We think ethical fashion is worth the cost, do you?

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