Julie's Story | Podcast Interviews

“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

Julie, our founder,  recently shared her experience from disaster relief to social entrepreneurship in Haiti, on both The Point Podcast and The Business with Purpose Podcast. She recounts memories of the early days, and the earthquake that first brought her to Haiti. She also shares about her evolution into being a social entrepreneur, and how Deux Mains began.

This path has not always been clear cut, there were many twists and turns, adventures, and missteps along the way, but there was a common theme in her journey and that was listening. Julie learned early on that the best way to enact change is to start by listening to those with first hand experience and from there we can work together to find solutions to the core problems. 

Listen as she shares her experience with two different incredible hosts. Both podcasts may cover Julie's story, but each host asks a variety of thoughtful questions bringing out unique details in each conversation. 

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