Spicing It Up: Jewelry Round Up

2021 could effectively be called the year of the glow-up. While we all did our best to make it through the challenges of 2020, now well into 2021 we anticipate brighter days ahead. 

As we all start to ease back into our well-missed social lives, we thought we’d give you a few more options to add a little extra spice to your look with our jewelry line. These pieces are like nothing we’ve made before, with local and carefully selected materials to give you something that suits each unique style - from classic and elegant to casual and edgy. We thought this level of glow deserved a closer look.

At Deux Mains, we always look to the island around us for inspiration for our pieces, often utilizing materials that would otherwise be considered disposable. In our jewelry designs that lead us to the use of longhorn. Our talented artisans give second life to these beautifully textured horn pieces that would otherwise have little purpose.

Macilia 18K Gold Long Lariat
This piece is versatile, elegant, and primed for any neckline. It can be worn in so many different ways; your creativity is the limit. This stunning necklace features an ethically sourced horn pendant on one side and a pyrite stone on the other, both suspended from a eighteen karat gold chain. You’re sure to make a statement with this beauty.

Horn Pendant Choker 
No need to complicate things when you’re working with something as naturally beautiful as a longhorn. Refined meets edgy in our choker design, featuring a piece of horn suspended on hand wrapped gold wire. 

Wiline Horn Earrings
The natural texture of these horn earrings makes each one unique. They perfectly transition from bold to subtle depending on how you style them. Ethically sourced longhorn is paired with a delicate pyrite stone on hand wrapped gold wire. This craftsmanship technique means they will be here to add a little something to your looks for years to come.

Our island inspiration doesn't stop with the use of horn. For years we have loved the subtle bead-like look of Majok seeds, which come from a plant native to Haiti, but we found new potential in them with this collection. 

Marie-Rose Lariat Necklace 
Majok seeds lend themselves perfectly to a softer, more delicate look like this lariat. These pieces were inspired for a wedding look, but can easily be worn for any occasion. The gold-plated chain is paired with a delicate jasper stone where the two sides meet leading down to a stunning Majok pendant.

Elene Tear-Drop Earrings
These earrings are perfect when paired with the Majok seed necklace, but they’re also so elegant on their own. You can easily dress them up or down and they are the perfect for adding that subtle grace to any outfit.

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