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Article: The Sale You've Been Waiting For is Almost Here!

The Sale You've Been Waiting For is Almost Here!

The Sale You've Been Waiting For is Almost Here!

This Friday, Deux Mains will be having a sale up to 40% off site wide!
As this approaches, we cannot contain our excitement to bring you the best deals on your favorite products, including our fall collection!

So mark your calendars and get ready to shop till you drop. With our unbeatable prices, you won't be able to resist treating yourself and your loved ones to some much-deserved retail therapy.

To make it even easier for you this season, we've got a treat in store! Here is an exclusive peek into our favourite products and the kind of customers we had in mind while designing them. Prepare to select exceptional gifts!

baguette bag in honey worn by model in white dress.

The Baguette Bag. Tailored perfectly for a lady with timeless taste and an impeccable wardrobe. Who is inspired by iconic French fashion sense perhaps. This handbag is for someone you would picture strutting through the streets of Paris with a modern piece that catches the eye of fashion moguls. This handbag seamlessly elevates a look whether you are exploring a charming café or attending a stylish soirée.

The Sarah Shoulder Bag is made with the dynamic woman in mind, who seamlessly navigates between her career and personal life. With its generous size and lengthy strap, this item is for the lady who refuses to compromise finesse for functionality. Envision the multitasking mom and professional seamlessly navigating through the demands of the day.

The Optimal Shoulder Bag is meticulously handcrafted for the tastemaker, effortlessly blending style with conscientious choices. With large panels artistically woven to create a traditional basket aesthetic, this piece is for the woman who showcases their appreciation for craftsmanship and timeless design in the bag they carry.


Re-imagining Colors for a More Personalized Experience:
Our bags come in black, mahogany, honey and red. We've found that each of these colors compliments different styles of women.

sarah shoulder bag in black held by models leaning against each other.

Meet the Mahogany Maven, the epitome of sophistication and class. It is for the woman who appreciates warm and rich tones. This shade exudes elegance!

Introducing the Ruby Radiance, a woman who lights up the room with her vibrant personality. This woman embraces life with energy and confidence, making a bold statement wherever she goes.

Step into the world of the Honey Harmony enthusiast, a lady with a taste for sweetness and comfort in her style and personality. You find she often is looking for ways to spread joy and kindness to those around her.

Last but certainly not least The Black Noir connoisseur. A woman who gravitates toward the timeless allure of black is one who appreciates the versatility and sophistication it brings to a wardrobe. She effortlessly navigates the realms of style with understated confidence.

To conclude, at our core, we believe in the power of thoughtful design, well-intentioned and carefully crafted goods and the power we each hold as consumers. We are proud to take fashion forward by offering meaningful choices.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts!
After reading this, we would love to hear about whether or not your personality matches the handbag you own. Additionally, which product caught your eye? Do you plan on purchasing it during our big sale coming soon? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

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