Ethical Fashion Lifestyle

My world has become more complicated as the eight years of running our ethical fashion company has passed.  Who I am as a woman.  Who I am as a CEO.  And who I need to be.  Running my company is a great gift, but one that comes with great responsibility.  In the light of all that has unfolded as we work to fight poverty with fashion, I begun to value the minimalist lifestyle and what it means in the complication of our times.  It highlights the philosophy of “having enough” and not always needing more.  Consuming more.  This new love prompted me to thinking a lot about what I wear as an expression of who I want to be.  This idea has turned into a question about how I live out my story.  As I striped down my closet and accessed the things in my home I became more empowered.   Having less clothing means I tell my stories in other ways.  My accessories became my chapter titles. I decided I wanted each piece I wear to mean something.  Something brave.  Something bold.


As time has rolled on, I experience and see Haiti in new ways and I have found there are rare and beautiful materials all over the island that I could add to our collection.  These new materials create value in our work AND allow me to make statements about what I am learning.  I want to make statements about my usefulness.  I am a woman who sees beauty in my purchasing power.  I find freedom in my wardrobe.  I want my attractiveness to come from my sole.  Literally.

deux mains collection

Each piece in the 2018 deux mains collection serves as the foundation for the stories I am creating about the kind of life I want to live.  I delight in the bold colors and locally sourced materials.   I make choices to showcase the talent and hope I have for Haiti.   

I tell stories of our beautiful country.  I hide them and make you discover them. The beauty is revealed inside.  This is not a mistake.  My love for Haiti is inside each piece we designed.  I am allowing myself to wear my decisions about who I will be. Highlighting the bravery of becoming this person I want to be. It allows me to have footwear and fashion accessories that make bold statements in what I believe will change the world.  

My vision for this collection is to capture this essence.  To make ethical accessorizing approachable and desirable.  To make deux mains the gateway for a better life for all people.  My greatest hope is that deux mains helps you tell your story of a life well lived.