June 29, 2020 1 min read

Fashion in Haiti cannot be ignored.  The talented craftsmanship and artful design displayed on the island is bursting at the seams.  Every designer and workshop bring a unique and important voice to Haiti’s fashion community, and when they combine – magic ensues. 

On May 26, Konsome Lokal set out to showcase this magic by hosting a runway show in Petionville, featuring some of Haiti’s most talented designers.  In doing so, they proved to the local community that when you dress “Haiti: Head to Toe” – you will look uniquely beautiful, and can support artistic freedom and job creation in Haiti.

deux mains was honored to be invited to participate in the show, providing sandals and accessories for many of the looks that floated across a pool-top runway.  Fashion leaders and impactful entrepreneurs like  Sazi CreationsMiko GuillaumeSandilouRapadou, and Bijou Lakay were also represented, and the mélange of flavors was intoxicating.   

From tire rubber paired with leather, to horn and bone mixed with hand-painted cotton, to sisal and silk adorned with lace and buttons – the crowd was captivated by the unique charm of Haitian Fashion, and the varying aesthetics.

That night, on the runway, Konsome Lokal  proved that fashion in Haiti is beautiful, bold, and of the utmost quality.  Together with other Haitian brands,  deux mains exemplified the impact of collaboration.   By dressing “Haiti: Head to Toe” we can be ambassadors of ethical fashion while empowering the entrepreneurs behind the creations.   All this, while directly contributing to the growth of Haiti’s economy.

- Sarah Sandsted

deux mains Vice President

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