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Article: New Year. New Choices.

models wearing our jewelry in nature.

New Year. New Choices.

January 1st may be one of my favorite days of the year because it represents a new beginning. It comes with an automatic fresh start where it feels natural to make changes. Many of us like to take this time to set goals for ourselves, maybe even getting a little carried away with huge, fast changes. But what if we could make a few small changes this year, that could have positive effects that reach far outside our lives? 

We can actually do that with the choices we make while purchasing fashion items. Simple choices we make in our purchases can have a profound impact on the world. We can be a part of saving our planet while also changing lives. Maybe it seems like I’m the one getting carried away now, but these large scale changes start with individuals and the choices we make.

Choose Eco-Fashion

Your choice to buy items that are eco-friendly can help save our planet. There are many brands that are now creating products using more natural, recycled, and repurposed materials. These products are reducing waste in an industry that has historically had little regard for wastefulness. Here are some recommended eco-friendly gifts on a budget.

Choose Ethical Fashion

Where you choose to purchase your clothing and accessories matters. When you buy from companies committed to sustainable business practices you are providing people with dignified, safe, and sustainable employment. This employment changes lives, families, and communities across the world. Give voice to makers by knowing who made your clothes. Check out  ESJ to learn more about ethical style!

Choose Quality

When you choose to purchase quality items that will last, you are committing to sustainable practices that will transform an entire industry. You are helping to slow down a system devoted to mass production, and creating a space for well made timeless items to be worn for years to come. 

Choose Style

Expressing yourself through your fashion choices is more important than we may think. Clothing and accessories are beautiful tools that allow you to be creative and make an impression. When you feel good about what you are wearing, you bring your best and most confident self into the world, and that is exactly who we need. We want to help make fashion choices that suit your unique style. Shop our collections for that perfect item that speaks to you.

Whether you are reinventing your style this year, or just adding a few new pieces to your collection, the choices you make while purchasing will always have an effect on the world. Let’s use this new beginning to make new choices that affect positive change.

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